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received_310089272936532Church of Yuznoukrainsk town, Ukraine (South of Ukraine)

Briefly about the history and vision:

Russian version with pictures press here  Церковь г[1282]

This church was planted and born in 2004 out of the ministry to ” offended ” brothers and sisters who came out from different churches.  When we arrived to Yuznoukrainsk God showed me that there was division in three churches: Baptist, Pentecostal and Charismatic. We felt like we wanted to serve those people and families who had been hurt when churches had been divided.

Our vision is : we are sowing — God is growing ! 

At present we have a few functioning ministries : worship, Bible study, ministry to drug and alcohol addicts, children’s ministry and 5 home groups.

Church is not registered yet, because we have a vision to grow and see 60 committed members of the church, once we have reached 60 members, then we will register as a church. We haven’t got a church name because we are not registered yet. Our church is a full gospel church, not part of any denomination or network of churches, but we are very open to any other church families.

Our vision is to open our own rehab centre in the future. At the moment, once a week we are sending drug and alcohol addicts to the rehab centres to other churches who already have them.

We have our own building. We are asking you if you could please pray with us as our building needs repair, especially the roof which is leaking.

Shortly about us as a family. We have become believers in 1988-89. I, Sergei retired from the military service. My wife Rita and I are bringing up 3 boys : Elijah, Elisha and Matthew.

Our motto : ”

Live in such way, when people meet you, they will have a desire to meet Christ ! “