Greetings to you! Hello and thank you to all who are visiting our website today. We would like to share with you about us – who we are and why this website has been created.

41420296_2055441074488165_6952305476621041664_nSo, first who we are… We are a family of five, myself, Slava, and my wife, Jess, are heading up this new (2018) ministry. We have 3 young boys who are also a big part of what we do. My wife and I are a committed born-again, Spirit filled Christian couple who love Jesus. Jessica, my wife was born in UK, grew up in a Christian family and was part of a Spirit-filled church since she can remember. I properly met with God in my late teens, back in 1996, and I was born in the Western part of Ukraine. Jess and I met in South Africa where God placed us both in a wonderful church filled with incredible people who created an atmosphere of warm love and acceptance. God was teaching us both a lot at that time. Over the years as a couple and walking together with God, we have journeyed through some tough times. We have seen many miraculous provisions from God and personal encounters with Jesus. The way God took care of us always left us speechless and made us fall in love with Him even more each time.

20181028_155417We were led to pastor a church in Ukraine, in the town where I grew up, for 7 years and then moved to UK back in 2009 when our third son was born. It was always on our hearts to serve the people in Ukraine – to encourage churches, pastors and believers. After moving to UK, I was released by my faithful wife and children to go back to Ukraine for ministry trips as many times per year as we felt was necessary. This was to support pastors and those with whom we had built close relationships with. Back in 2016 something had definitely shifted in our lives and we felt as if a different anointing came upon us. Our relationship with Jesus grew deeper, there was a new release of the miraculous upon times of ministry. We started seeing miracles everywhere we went, God would give me a word of knowledge and I would pray for people anywhere and everywhere – in the gym, in my workplace (I am an engineer), in the car park or in a shop, etc. Mostly complete strangers! Some were healed and others were touched by God in some amazing way! This is still happening wherever I go. I am seeking a word from God to touch this world around me. I personally started to seek how to reach out to people with gifts of healing and a word of knowledge to people on the streets. Compassion grew in my heart and all of a sudden I started to notice people with physical problems. I often see legs grow longer as a lot of people suffer with back pain due to one leg being shorter than the other. This world needs so much Hope! His name is Jesus! This world needs to know that Hope – Jesus Christ – is Alive! I recently felt God leading me to pick up my guitar again and start learning how to play. He even blessed me with finances to buy a much better guitar. He gave me an idea to create a display board and a t-shirt saying ‘God heals today’, inviting people to come for free prayer in our local shopping centre. It’s now the absolute highlight of my week to go and sit in this shopping area to play worship songs,


talk to people about God and pray for them if they are in pain or feeling unwell. As a ministry we are doing it every week. My wife and I are both working hard to pay our bills and doing outreach to our community on the weekends or whenever we can. We are part of a local church and also have many friends in different parts of Ukraine where I normally travel to teach, hold healing meetings, and fellowship with these pastors and believers. Please have a look at ‘Partnerships‘ if you would like to find out more.

Why are we launching this website?

When we lived and ministered in Ukraine we also, as a church and as a couple, used to support and have friendships with other pastors. After moving to UK, we decided to create a separate mission fund which would pay for my flights to Ukraine and I would take some cash to bless a church or leaders with the rest of the money. These are precious people who I have known and worked with for many years. They are close to my heart and I love to support them as they are doing great work for God in their local communities. The mission trips I go on can be very tiring as I do a lot of ministering and at times, when a friend would travel with me, I would also be interpreting.

We also made sure that we correspond with these friends and pastors via social media to keep our relationships going throughout the year and between trips. This year we feel a shift, and realised that we can no longer do it on our own – it is bigger than us! As a ministry we have got an invitation to go and minister in Africa also. We would love to have partners who are standing with us, praying with us, and supporting us in anyway they can as we go to Ukraine and anywhere else God leads. We needed somewhere where our pastors and friends could post their testimonies to share with the rest of the Christian world how their ministry or church functions and what is their vision, etc. I would love to see my pastor friends supported and encouraged and able to tell others what is happening in their churches and ministries. And we hope that some of you will feel led by The Holy Spirit to support what they do with your prayers, an encouraging word and possibly even sow financially for a particular project or to a particular church. One very dear friend of ours shared a revelation God had given to him some years ago and it was planted very deep into my Spirit. It’s about the disciples of Jesus who were fishing and after catching nothing Jesus told them to cast the nets again and they pulled up loads of fish! Even so much that they had to call on their friends with their boats! I strongly believe that we are in a moment that is just like that, when we need support from others, so that together we will see a great harvest of souls! As the scripture says, the fields are white with the harvest….

And lastly, if you do decide to sow with finances, please would you specify what they are for in particular. If it is for a particular church in Ukraine then either you can send them through us, or we will seek to connect you with the church directly. If you wish to sow in Hope Alive International ministry, please click on the ‘Donate’ button below or contact us through this page. All finances will be put towards ministry trips and money spent to minister to the local church/es that are being visited, never for personal use. After every ministry trip an update will be posted on this website with specific testimonies from that trip. This will bring encouragement to those who would like to know and especially for those who have sown in some way. Please beware that we are not yet a charity, but would like to be a charity in the future as God leads us.

We appreciate you, not for what you can do or give, but for who you are in Christ. We hope you enjoy this website. Your support in any way is greatly appreciated. Please contact us if you would like to know more about us or if you would like to meet the One who brings hope to the world!

Much love in Jesus,

Slava & Jessica Nod’