Hi to everyone who is reading this testimony.

I just wanted to share this with you to encourage your faith guys. Yesterday I went out to the tyre place because my car needed new tyres. As tyres were being fitted to the car I was sitting down at the reception room waiting. After a little while, a man walked into the reception and after talking to the receptionist sat down right next to me. I just felt that I needed to talk to him so I asked him what was his name and he replied: ” Darius”, so my next question was: ” where you from originally?” He answered that he was from Iran. This is one of the reasons I love Britain that you can meet people from many nations around the world at any time!
Anyway, back to the story. I said to Darius if he knows what his name meant so just to keep our conversation on the go, and he replied that he believes that there was a king named Darius. Finally! I thought to myself I can drop something about the Bible 🙂 And aloud I told him that I am sure that Darius was King in the era of a great prophet such as Daniel. This guy that I was talking to looked really heavy with the strong smell of cigarettes coming from his breath and didn’t really want to talk, but at this point, he began to ask me some questions. He asked me if I went back to Ukraine and I told him, yes and what I do over there I minister to people and pray to God to heal them. I told him that I see God heal many. Then I said to him; ” Do you suffer from pain in your lower back? ” He said: ” No I don’t, but I do have strong pain in the right shoulder”. I asked him if he would like me to pray for him for the pain to go and after he said yes I had an opportunity to tell him that I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ to whom I serve and Who is my Savior. Darius told me that he also believes in Jesus. So I placed my hand on his shoulder and commanded pain to go and healing to take place. His face reflected amazement and surprise! When I pray for people I care how they feel and want to make sure that they understand what is going on as it is very important at times to reassure people and to witness about Jesus. He said that it felt strange in his shoulder and I asked him if he experienced heat. He told me that he does feel the heat and I told him that God is busy healing him. I said that God is truly Alive and is very real! I felt under my hand and in the palm of my hand hot sensation quite often this is what I would feel when praying for people. I said to Darius if it felt very hot and he confirmed that. He stood up and I encouraged him to lift his arm and check it out, and so he did! The smile appearing on his face was priceless! I personally consider this more precious than any money in the world, the smile of the person being healed by Jesus is priceless as at this very moment his faith is growing and the person you are praying for is more likely to ask questions as why he/she had been healed and who is the One who healed him? Receptionist popped his head over the counter and saw me praying for Darius I told him that God is busy healing this man. The receptionist said; ” great he needs that!” I didn’t realise that they knew each other! At this point, Darius had a massive smile on his face and it looked like someone walked in the darkroom and turn the light on! The receptionist and Darius shook my hand and shouted ” God bless ” as I was leaving because I needed to move my car out of the way at this point.

This story is shorted from the long version as there was also discussion with the receptionist before Darius walked to the reception room. I encourage you all to pray for an opportunity to witness and pray for people. I always look for “bridges” which is something you have in common with the person you are talking to. And then try and ” push the door ” seeing if a person is interested in the conversation about the Bible, God. Always offer to pray for a person, but ask: ” what would you like to be prayed for? ”

In the story above I want to point out to you that I did receive the ” word of knowledge” from God about the pain, but God never told me that it was in the lower back… You see I am still learning to listen and at times rush ahead. What God did say was: ” this man has got pain” I added from myself in the lower back. Why am I sharing this with you? Because I would like to be honest and encourage you not to be disappointed if you get it wrong, but carry on and learn from the mistake.

Be blessed and I do hope that your faith was encouraged by this testimony.