Kenya mission trip

Hi everyone.

First of all, I would like to thank you all for great prayer support while I was away. Your prayers mean a lot because in unity we are strong. Matthew 18:19 (ESV)  “Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven”. I felt your prayer at all times. Although it was tiring, yet I felt refreshed in my spirit. 

Over there in Kenya, the temperature was around +30 which is very hot compared to UK. When I came out of the airport, I met my new friend James Osano. James is an Apostle who is not by position placed to be one, but people recognise it by the heart of the father in him. James’s heart for people and for The Lord blessed me very much! He has been through a lot in his whole life and didn’t become a bitter person, but he became very loving and understanding toward people. I was touched by the fact that many call him father. Not as a holy father expression but because they see him as a dad. If you ask some people their surname, although they have different surnames, they will use James’s surname as if they’ve adopted him as their dad. People respect this godly man everywhere he goes, it is because of his journey and godly character. I was also touched by the fact that many pastors have day jobs and some of them are in very high positions – one is a lawyer, another a judge in high court and another a senior policeman, etc. But when they speak, the anointing is very strong, you could see how The Holy Spirit moves through them and is touching people around them.

The reason for my visit to Kenya was an invitation from a lady from the church that I am part of here in UK. Her name is Angie Waugh. Angie works here in UK very hard to earn money and keep the bills being paid in UK and is also part of the Samaritan organization as a volunteer here, answering phone calls from people in desperate need. You may not hear anything about Angie in UK, but in Kenya, people call her mama, which is very high respect for a woman to be called mama over there. Angie’s journey in Kenya started with her husband, and after her husband, Peter had passed away she carries on what they had started together. I am humbled by the fact that despite the difference in culture and many other things, she returns each year to Kenya and completes another project to bless the local community. I stayed at the farmhouse that is situated in about 1-hour driving distance from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. Over the years from the plain field with resources and finances provided by Angie’s hard work in UK,  many projects have been completed! There is a video on our youtube channel you can watch about the farming they do, it’s quite incredible. Because of the dedication of this one lady and her obedience to what The Lord is saying, many jobs are created and from this farming, finances are released to sponsor evangelisation/crusades. These crusades are their way of reaching people for God. Everything costs money and it is a very expensive life over there in Kenya, I was actually shocked at how expensive. So farming is the way forward to provide for Gods work. There are many animals on the farm, egg production – about 200 eggs a day, cow’s milk, goats, sheep etc. Angie invested in a borehole, which provides the farm with water for irrigating the ground for growing amazing crops. Not only this water is used for their own farming but provides water for other neighbouring properties, and it helps them to grow their own crops! The farmhouse and the farm harvest their own energy from the solar system, and hot water comes also from solar on the roof. In the last two years, Angie invested in buying land and built a second property in the main town of Kintegela. This house is a guest house for when ministers travel from far away like Uganda and other parts of Kenya so they have somewhere comfortable to stay. On other occasions, its a B&B for Christians only as there is nowhere peaceful and safe to stay in the area. This guest house is on the journey too of being self-sufficient like the farm is. Every day of the crusade we were going to the guest house to join other pastors and ministers from the crusade to have lunch together. There was an amazing pastor lady who cooked for at least 30 people every day!

On a daily basis, people were interceding for the crusade: for souls to be saved, healings to take place, protection and anointing etc. They are very serious, committed people. I met a pastor who was fasting on water and praying for 21 days including the crusade days.  He is a retired gentleman who loves Jesus. There is high danger from Muslims and witches in the area who seek to bring damage to the equipment, attack ministers and destroy church belongings.

I was very touched and blessed by being part of the crusade and meeting men and women of God, it was very refreshing. People burn on godly fire with passion for God and work together despite different denominations and churches. Apostle James was the one who organised the crusade, but only preached once! Pastors from other denominations were the preachers and were on the stage. This works so well especially when you have 50-60 people coming forward accepting Jesus in their lives. I never heard from anyone about growing just one church in particular, but rather on how could the whole area be impacted by the message of the Kingdom of God.  Over the whole period of the crusade, people responded to the message of Salvation. To be honest with you, I didn’t count how many were there up at the front, but every evening from the crowd gathered we’ve had at least 30-40 coming forward!! The Bible says that even if one person comes to the Kingdom of God — heaven rejoices for one soul!! We had a multitude there … and because it is not just one church involved but many, people have an opportunity to join a church of their own choice. Nothing is enforced, only cards provided for following up the evening. Whoever puts their details in the card and asks to be contacted will be contacted to make sure he/she is ok and the information is provided more about God Who healed them.

One thing that I have noticed is, that the majority of people in this rural area are very shy. And because of this reason of them being shy I haven’t got a lot of testimonies of them being healed. But saying that it doesn’t matter as long as people were touched by God and know that He is a good Father. I was saddened and shocked to learn that some ministers and pastors charge people money for coming to them for healing and they were using scripture to justify their own agenda. Second evening after preaching I had invited people to come forward for healing and no one came until apostle James explained that everything is completely free and only then I had about 40 people in the line!! They were afraid I would charge a fee at first.

The miracles took place on a daily basis. The first day after I arrived in Kenya, Angie and I went for a walk into the village and met some people who just started a local school for children. This school works on the basis that the children’s parents donate money – as much as they can afford. Most schools are expensive and if fees are not paid, children have to stop education. Many children after two years in a primary school never carry on in education because it is not affordable as the first two years are sponsored by government and the rest is then meant to be paid by the parents. Mainly people in this rural area are living “hand to mouth ” on a daily basis. It means that there is not always a job to go to, and because of that not always food on the table. Average wages there are 500 Kenyan shillings and a skilled worker earns 1000 a day. Just to compare the price: a 1-litre carton of juice equals 215 shillings while wages for a day is 500! Everything is expensive and the cost of living is very high indeed. Many people are ill because they can’t afford doctors (they have to pay to see a doctor) so they do need a miracle in their lives from God. And it is very precious why God healed them on the crusade for free!!

Here are some testimonies to encourage you and videos will be uploaded on youtube for you to have a look at.

Many people came forward with back pain and could not bend or walk straight. I found that a lot of young mums had pain in their back after giving birth to a child and carrying heavy loads on their backs because life goes on and you don’t have time to recover. Many many ladies were healed and smiling with happiness as the pain had left their body and now able to bend etc..!

As people stood in the front by the stage, I went down from the stage to pray for those who needed healing. A lady stood in front of me and said that she’d had unbearable pain in her stomach. As I had commanded the pain to go she started feeling better immediately and got completely healed. Tears of joy were running down her cheeks and it was wonderful to see Jesus heal her.

A lady stood in line and was saying that she has pain in her head, back, chest and legs. After laying hands on her she collapsed on the ground. A demon began to manifest, growling. In the Name of Jesus, I broke a witchcraft curse over her life and commanded the demon to leave. Demon exclaimed ” bye bye bye bye” twice and had left. We helped the lady up on her feet and she looked shocked but stood there free of pain. Throughout the crusade, I had seen demons manifest after the curse is broken over peoples lives and people getting physical healing.

A man was in the line and told me he had a pain in his chest and his hips were in pain too. After rebuking the spirit of death, the pain had gone from his chest, but hips were still in pain. I felt like laying my hands on his hips and pray for healing. To my absolute shock, I felt bones begin to move in his hips — he also looked shocked and told me that he felt the same! Then we heard a loud “pop!” and immediately the pain left his hips! Oh, you should have seen that priceless smile!!

Quite a few people responded to a word of knowledge about their knee problems. We had prayed a general prayer and I had told them to kick with the knee problem. And WOW how wonderfully Jesus touched them! The pain was instantly healed by Jesus!

Through the whole duration of my visit to Kenya  I prayed for around at least 100 people and to my memory, only two or three did not get healed. And they were those who needed some counselling and personal time of ministry from a local pastor.

One of the nights I was awakened by a demonic presence in my bedroom. It felt like electricity was running through my whole body and room was filled with evil, fear, death. So in my response, I put worship on and told demons that this is a good time for the Bible to be read out loud. After speaking scriptures out loud the evil left my room, I felt like the whole room was filled with peace and I went to sleep for the rest of the night. Funny that even though it felt like a few minutes, the time significantly shifted! Angie came downstairs to make sure that no one was in the house – with my declarations and praying, I woke her up! She told me the next morning that she remembered being awake around 3 am which was the time she woke up and going back to sleep at 6 am. It was a strange thing for her as she didn’t remember where three hours had gone in between!

I want to finish with this last interesting story… As people were in line, right at the end of that night a lady came forward and asked me to pray for the anointing oil that she had in her hands. She was telling me that she wants it because she could then pray for herself when feeling pain. My interpreter a pastor said that it was out of order and I agreed to that. After explaining why oil is used and it isn’t oil that heals but Jesus I asked what she would like me to pray for. She wasn’t sure like there was no reason and then said she had a headache. After laying hands on her and rebuking the practice of witchcraft (I had knowledge from The Holy Spirit) and being under the curse of witchcraft, the demon manifested and left and she looked shocked and told me that the headache went too! After sharing this story with apostle James and others, I was explained that when you pray for people, witches usually come too. They would try to come right at the end and ask to pray for the anointing oil and it is very common for this to happen.  When they are asked what to pray for they are very vague about the reason.  This was the night when I felt evil in my room and a strong wind came out of nowhere while I was preaching, knocking down one of our floodlights and two speakers caught fire inside and were blown! Pastors were joking saying “because you are white, the witches can spot you easy and make you their target” 🙂

Well, the Bible is powerful and full of wonderful scriptures of Gods promises of protection over us. And I am personally blessed by so many intercessors who pray for my protection while going on the mission … A HUGE THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!

If you are interested in donating toward the Kenya ministry, please ask for more details and I will give you direct contact with Angie. I can trust her and can assure you that every penny will be spent as you will tell her to. She is a very organized and conscientious person who loves God and she has such a generous heart.

Thank you for taking your time and reading all of the above, I know it is long but I hope your faith has been encouraged. Please watch this space for videos from Kenya.

Love and blessings in Christ Jesus.

Slava at Hope Alive International Ministry