Mission to Kenya February 2019


Hi everybody! 

Thank you for all of your prayer support for Hope Alive International Ministry.

I would like to let you all know, that in February 2019 we have planned a mission trip to Kenya organized by brother James Lawrence who is a local minister. I have heard a lot of great reports of Gods work in the area and decided to go and see if God could make me useful to this church. A crusade and some seminars are organized from the 6th of February to the 10th of February. I have a great privilege to be among this special people and share the Word of God and minister alongside them. My request to you all: please would you consider praying in these areas:

  • Holy Spirit encounters at every gathering
  • Gods protection over all of us and our families back at home.
  • Gods provision
  • Souls being brought into the Kingdom of God
  • Safe journey to and from Kenya
  • A release of creative gifts of healings
  • Please pray and message if you have a prophetic word for us
  • Please pray throughout the February and even from now for mentioned above areas

We greatly appreciate your support and when I return I promise you to write many encouraging stories and maybe will post some videos from the meetings on youtube and our webpage. By partnering with us in prayer you are taking part in this mission and anything God does over there is changing lives!