Prophetic Dream

Hi to everyone who is reading this. Not very often, but at times, God speaks to me through dreams. I’m sure He speaks to many of us with these dreams. Personally, I always know when it is from God, because I remember these dreams in great detail and they bring encouragement, peace and make sense.

This is the dream that I had few days ago…

I found myself on a journey in something similar like a train. It was on the move but it was quite unlike a usual train with noise. It was moving gently, fast in the same time, but yet I felt like there was a sense of a busy atmosphere all around me. It felt like the train had no walls , but yet they were clearly there. You could see through windows, but also feel through the walls of the train and see panoramic view through these walls. You could smell peace in the air and busyness. The busyness wasn’t stressful like it is in the business world, no! Even though I was feeling in me “you must move, you must be on the journey”, it wasn’t exhausting, it had a sense of purpose, an excitement inside of me … The train wasn’t very busy like you would find when, for example, commuting – no! There were only a few people who I felt had certain assignments and were travelling somewhere.

A person that I knew suddenly appeared next to me on this train. This man is a great successful businessman and travels with an evangelist friend of ours. He looked exhausted, so much that his face looked very tired, eyes looked very red and were about to close as if he needed to go to sleep. I wanted to ask him questions, but felt not to because I thought to myself “this man is exhausted, don’t bother him”. But he spoke to me anyway, I don’t have clear memory of what we talked about, but I was surprised that even when he is exhausted its amazing that he finds the strength to speak! As I turned around I saw a river! Then I noticed the sky above the river was very grey. The water wasn’t clear that you could see through, yet I felt in me it wasn’t dirty. I thought to myself “how deep is this river?” I felt in me “pay attention to the waves”. I thought “the water must be cold because the sky looks grey” but at the same time I sensed that the temperature of the river was perfect. Then I noticed that the waves which were flowing in this river were not moving in one direction as you would normally see, as if there were many underwater currents moving in different directions . But these waves, even if they were going all over directions as they pleased yet it felt like there was an order to how the waves went! The river looked wide and almost endless and the train was almost directly above the river. I looked at my friend and although he was on the train he was on these calm waves and I realised this refreshment from this river gave him strength to speak even if he is exhausted! Without going on these calm waves, he won’t be able to speak!

Another feature of this river which was amazing was that in the river, as the train turned the corner, I saw waterfalls with water running steady, in unbreakable order, unlike you would see in the forest or mountains. No, this water in the waterfalls was running in a straight line down without moving. There were waves that brought peace and refreshment, small waterfalls, and bigger waterfalls. Waterfalls were in the river as part of it, and it  looked like you can sit in the seat comfortably under the waterfall in the river. In one of the bigger waterfalls I saw my close friend (evangelist) sitting with his eyes closed and just enjoying the water running down on him. The water looked very clear as it was not water but clean, clear, like glass or crystal, like a steady flow and it wasn’t running and flowing over the body but it looked like going throughout the body too!!   Yes, he was sitting in the middle of the river in the waterfall. As I turned to my other friend from the train,  (who at that point was no longer on the train, but when I spoke to him he was back on the train again) “look it is our friend there” I said and he replied “yes that’s him”. Then I shouted “ hey!!” At that point this evangelist friend opened his eyes and shouted back “hello Slava, wait for me!” and he moved and rushed out the waterfall as to catch the train on the journey. And I felt him right next to me in this train. For the first time I got out the train and found myself in the courtyard of a multi-storey place. This place was as high as almost the sky which you could see, and only a small part of the sky above the buildings was present – these buildings were very tall! Everything was made of glass. There were many, many offices in which people were busy working and everyone had their own assignment and was busy with it! This train in which we were journeying was always on the move,  it was always on the journey around many offices and also as the way to get to the river to gain rest….

The skies above the river were very grey almost like lead with a certain heaviness … it felt like this was the battle and heaviness on this Earth.

I believe that seeing my fellow workers on God’s fields, going in the river for refreshment is very significant!! The person from the train that first appeared in my dream going to the river and his ability to speak is very significant too. I feel like he is called to the office of the Prophet in the Body of Christ and perhaps a prophetic teacher, but being on the journey with an evangelist, there is an evangelist in him too? I believe that God Himself brings us on the journey with other giftings of Christ to ‘sharpen us’ and help us to develop and mature in Christ.  Seeing my evangelist friend in the waterfall with closed eyes was very significant too as when you wait upon the Lord His mercies, anointing, grace, peace, strength, and his blessings flow down all over you.  You are in the season where many blessings will flow down on you like a waterfall to refresh, to bless and to restore, as you rest in God’s presence.

The offices are nothing else but office of an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher and it is amazing how many people are on the journey with us and on the assignment doing what God called them to do, but not many seem to be using the river and waves to be refreshed… Be encouraged that you are part of the journey in God and part of the offices! When we came out of the train, we were right at the bottom of the offices. There are so many others to meet who are on the journey with God.

Let us commit to the journey in God , there is so much to explore and much to plant, establish and declare into this world. Please pray to God and ask Him; ” What is my assignment? I want to be part of what You are doing Jesus, I want to be a part of what You are about to do my Lord!”  Maybe you feel like you are exhausted because of many things going on in your life and all around you… Pray for Gods rest, His Peace, ask The Holy Spirit for refreshment in Him. Stop and sit still in Gods presence. His yoke is easy, His burden is light….

The future is blessed and exciting in God so please be encouraged!!